Elsy is the leading provider of omnichannel media investment optimization technology. Our platform helps advertisers optimize complex portfolios of investments across all paid media channels to maximize business outcomes - through the entire campaign lifecycle.

Media Investment Optimization

The modern marketing stack is missing a critical portfolio optimization layer. Optimization and planning are still mostly done by people, using ad-hoc processes and best judgement. This results in inefficient use of human resources, and ineffective media investments.


Elsy is the first technology platform designed from the ground up to optimize granular portfolios of media investments across all media platforms and channels. Elsy leverages proprietary media marketplace data; augmented with our customer’s proprietary business, media, attribution and audience data to drive highly specific media investment optimizations that maximize business outcomes, on an ongoing basis.

  • Omnichannel: Optimize media investments across all paid media channels including traditional, social, programmatic, direct-to-publisher and search

  • Granular: Optimize down to the tactics - e.g. vendor / platform, audience, market and properties

  • Business Outcomes: Optimize media investments towards expected business outcomes, against business KPIs tailored to your business and leveraging your existing sources of attribution measurement


Our solution provides the following benefits:

  • Superior Returns: Optimize Campaigns towards expected business outcomes rather than media metrics. Avoid wasteful activities by assessing expected returns using available in-market ROI measurements or norms

  • Increased Speed and Efficiency: Increase efficiency and agility by accelerating planning cycles through automation. Plan at greater levels of granularity to further optimize your investments

  • Greater Control and Transparency: Get full visibility and traceability into the planning process, investment decisions and underlying assumptions

  • Collective Intelligence: Harness collective intelligence to identify new investment opportunities and compare your performance and planning assumptions with other leading Brands

  • Reduced Silos: Reduce silos across media channels (Traditional, Social, Programmatic and Digital) and teams, and better integrate all available measurements with your Media Planning process

  • Culture of Experimentation: Rigorous and systematic use of data and measurements to continuously test, learn and optimize media investments


We help Advertisers and their Agencies achieve these benefits challenges through our proprietary Platform and supporting Managed Services