Elsy is a media technology company that uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to deliver next-generation media planning, resulting in greater media ROI and improved efficiency

We help US Advertisers and their Agencies achieve greater returns on their entire portfolio of Media Investments through superior planning across traditional, social, digital and programmatic media channels.

Our solution is powered by proprietary Intelligence and Technology, and delivered through Managed Services.

Data Driven Media Planning

Data Driven Media Planning is a radically new approach to Media Planning which puts Technology, Data and Analytics at the core of the Media Planning process. It allows decision makers to focus their efforts on the strategic and qualitative aspects of planning, while harnessing all available data to make the best possible media investment decisions.


Our solution allows you to tackle the following challenges:

Fragmentation: Systematically assess an ever-growing number of media vehicles, partners and audience segments to identify the best investment opportunities for your Brand and Campaigns

Complexity: Process millions of potential investment plans identifying those that will yield the best returns, leveraging all available data and measurements

Silos: Reduce silos across traditional, social, digital and programmatic activities. Ensure that all channels and activation teams are coordinated to deliver the best possible outcomes

Transparency: Provide transparent and traceable evaluations of all investment opportunities to ensure that all media investments are optimized towards expected business outcomes


We help Advertisers and their Agencies address these challenges through a combination of proprietary Intelligence, Technology and Managed Services.