Elsy Knowledgebase

The Elsy Knowledgebase is the foundation of our solution. It is the most comprehensive integrated repository of data about the media marketplace, containing the following types of data:

Standardized Taxonomy: A proprietary and ever expanding library of Media Investment Vehicles with their corresponding attributes and vendors, which is used to classify and categorize all investment opportunities at a granular level

Audience Profiles: Audience reach and composition data from leading syndicated Data Providers, combined with data on audience segments from leading Data Management Platforms and Planning APIs

Media Pricing: Media Pricing benchmarks from best-in-class syndicated data sources augmented with proprietary information from media buyers and pricing data collected from Planning APIs

Population: Census data with population size and composition down to ZIP-code level

Norms and Benchmarks: Integrated benchmarks from a variety of sources and studies

Advertiser Data

We ingest proprietary data from the Brands being planned through our platform, such as audience characteristics, business metrics, financials, seasonality and geography patterns, in-market measurements (MMM, attribution etc.) and media inventory restrictions.

This data remains confidential and separate from the Knowledgebase. It is used to calibrate your own investment evaluations and recommendations harnessing all available data.

Proprietary Algorithms

Our proprietary algorithms parse the content of the Elsy Knowledgebase to evaluate millions of potential investment opportunities to make detailed investment recommendations that are calibrated to your Brands and Campaigns.

Our algorithms include search indexes, valuation methodologies, recommendation engines using artificial intelligence, and rules-based diagnostic engines.