The Elsy Knowledge Base – a key enabler for algorithmic media investment management and planning

Before algorithms can function and be trained/improved upon, they need a very robust set of data. To truly achieve algorithmic media investment management and planning, a comprehensive set of data that covers the media marketplace is crucial and at Elsy, we have done the heavy lifting for you.


The Elsy Knowledgebase has a comprehensive integrated repository of data about the media marketplace for the USA, containing the following types of data:

Standardized Taxonomy: A proprietary and ever-expanding library of Media Investment Vehicles with their corresponding attributes and vendors, which is used to classify and categorize all investment opportunities at a granular level

Audience Profiles: Audience reach and composition data from leading syndicated Data Providers, combined with data on audience segments from leading Data Management Platforms and Planning APIs

Media Pricing: Media Pricing benchmarks from best-in-class syndicated data sources augmented with proprietary information from media buyers and pricing data collected from Planning APIs

Population: Census data with population size and composition down to ZIP-code level

Norms and Benchmarks: Integrated benchmarks from a variety of sources and studies


With the above, our Knowledge Base becomes a key data input, along with advertiser's proprietary data and measurements, to the Elsy Plan module to achieve data-driven media investment planning. In addition, the Knowledge Base also has a wealth of information regarding USA’s media marketplace for insights generation and analytics on our user friendly web-based application.


We have plans to bring Elsy to other markets and will be building the Elsy Knowledge Base for other markets in due time.

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