Elsy Planning

Advertiser Data

We ingest proprietary data from the Brands being planned through our platform, such as audience characteristics, business metrics, financials, seasonality and geography patterns, in-market measurements (MMM, attribution etc.) and media inventory restrictions.

This data remains confidential and separate from the Knowledgebase. It is used to calibrate your own investment evaluations and recommendations, harnessing all available data.


Proprietary Algorithms

Our proprietary algorithms parse the content of the Elsy Knowledgebase to evaluate millions of potential investment opportunities to make detailed investment recommendations that are calibrated to your Brands and Campaigns.

Our algorithms include search indexes, valuation methodologies, recommendation engines and optimization engines, using artificial intelligence and rules-based diagnostics.

Planning Module

Plan upcoming Campaigns in a highly structured process, with data-driven recommendations and diagnostics that are powered by the Knowledgebase and calibrated to your Campaign brief and Brand